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Room of Mystics

Welcome to the Room of Mystics. In this room you will find my Book of Shadows. It is not very much for a Book of Shadows, most of my spells are simple.

Most of my spells are done with candles, some with herbs, oils and incense. Others are done with just your mind. I will not fill these pages with LoVe spells, or spells for revenge, or anything else of that nature.(even though some of you might be looking for just that) That is not what being a Witch is all about.

To start with we will do a warm up spell. This is more of a meditation spell then an actual spell, but it will work for several purposes. You will need a single white candle, a candle holder, a place to just sit and relax away from everything else, and your mind. First you need to raise a little energy, whats that, you dont know what it means to raise a little energy. Well lets get that cleared up right fast.

First see your self covered in what most people refer to as white light. Me I prefer to think of it as being surrounded by pure LoVe. When you can feel your whole body pulsing with this LoVe, or white light, pick up your white candle. Hold it between your hands and feel the energy going into it. When you have charged it to your satisfaction, put it in a candle holder. Light the candle and sit in front of it. You can sit there with your eyes open or shut, that is up to you. Me I shut my eyes.

Let your whole body relax, and feel the energy of the universe around you. Open yourself up to the Spirit World, let them guide you, they will show you things that you need to know. When you are done, only you will know this, put out your candle and put it up so you can use it for this purpose again.

Hope you liked that one, there are more like it to come.