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As far as I am concerned this is the only love spell people need to worry about. It is a spell to bring love into your life, not control someone. So please do not alter this spell to control someone. I am watching you. lol

For this spell you will need:

1 red candle for love
1 candle holder

Charge the candle with the intent that love come into your life. (No names of any person is needed for this)
Put the candle into the candle holder and light.
With your mind see yourself surounded with love. See love coming into your life for now and always.

Repeat this process with the same candle for up to a week. The length of lighting and the amount of days depends on the feeling you get. I might tell you five days, but you feel the need for only three days. This is where your best judgement comes in. Use it wisely.