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Herbs in my Garden

Congratulations you have chosen the path that leads to my Herbs. There are sweet smelling herbs, not so sweet, and some that are down right well not so pretty smelling.

As time goes by there might be other paths to take on this path, but until then I hope you keep coming back to visit.

There are many different Herbs. Some can be used as medicine, others for Magickal purposes. And a lot for both.

The Herbs that I have listed on my pages come from several different books and other sources. At the bottom of the page is a list of references.

If you find that the information is not correct please contact me with the correct information. I would like to keep the information as accurate as can be.

Some of the Herbs are a little hard to find as they are known by many different names. I will try to list as many different names as I can. I know when I first got into herbs I had problems finding certain herbs. One of which is Five-Finger-Grass also known as Cinquafoil, another name is Trifoil. You can see from this one herb how confusing names can be.

I have also included at the bottom of the page a couple of websites where you can get herbs and other supplies. I have found these sites handy, one reason is they have mail order catalogs that you can get.