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Hedge Witch

welp here is my take on the whole thing.



I know some of you have come here with just this question in mind. So with no further adue i will tell you what I think a hedge witch is. I have to go on what I think a hedge witch is because no two hedge witches are alike. So I'll give you my oppion.

A hedge witch is also termed a green witch,nature witch, and kitchen witch. These are people usualy who are not likely to fallow any one tradition save that of working with nature above all other things. Hedge witches are also less likely to

1) work in groups and

2) use high magick of any kind.

We like to center around house and home. Like using our magick to bring a storm to our garden or to make dinner taste better. As one auther said "good magick gets your house clean" this is sort of a modo for hedgies every where.

Most hedgeis that i know do believe in alot of the same things as wiccans, some(like myself) even consider them selves wiccan. For instants ther is usaly a beliefe in the God and Goddess they are most commenly worshiped, by hedgeis, as the Lord and Lady of Greenwood. And a beliefe in the "Mysteries of the Greenwood" are infasiesd.

Hedgeis also have a beliefe in karma of sorts. Its alot more like what our celtic ancesters believed in but it dose exciste. We do have rules and alot of us do fallow the wiccan rede. But ones own code of honor is just as good. We also have a tendacy to lean towards anamalism. The beliefe that all things are alive and have a soul. As a druid would say about trees "they are but slow moving animals".

A hedgeis form of magick dose have a tendacy to be more simplistic as well as their religious beliefes. Most hedgeis do what ever comes natrual to them. Most almost never use unnatural things in their spells ether. Such as the Kabbal and things made of plastic. Some hedgeis dont even cast circles. They feel it cuts them off from the divine. I personaly feel this is up to the witch.

Basicaly to the hedge witch there is no difference between normal life and there magickal one. There is no seperation in the two areas of there world. Magick is life and life is magick.

i can only be what i am, and what i am is a witch!

life is magick, and magick is life!