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Playing Cards Tarot

"How To Predict Your Future From A Deck Of Playing Cards"

You can find out your physic ability to tell your own future with a standard deck of cards.

After shuffling the deck and removing the jokers, use your right hand to devide it into three equal piles on a table with the last pile closest to you, pick three cards from the center pile, these three indicate something important which will happen in your life in the next three months.

After reading them, return the cards to the deck, and shuffle it again. As you do this, wish for the answer to a question about your life during the next three months. The answer will appear if you turn up the nine of hearts, the wish card. If the nine of hearts does not appear any where in the delt lay out, you will not get your wish.

Now devide the deck into three again, this time pick up the center cut first, lay it on the pile farthest from you, then lay both stacks on the nearest pile.

Place seven cards across the table face up, and follow that row with four more rows of seven cards each, for a total of 35 cards.

Pick your personal card by looking at the cards meanings which follows at the end of these instructions, and choose the face card that best describes yourself, place three cards from the deck on your personal card. Three more go on your wish card if it has appeared, and three on your household card, the ace of hearts, if it appears in the spread. If your wish card does not show up you can place three cards on your second wish card, and if neither your wish card or second wish card or household card show up you can choose two other cards to find out more about.

Now you are ready to work out the meaning of each card using the chart below.

The first three cards on the top row indicate something which has happened in the last few days, the rest will show what will happen within the next two months. When some cards fall together, they have special meanings. Two red tens mean big changes for the best, extreme happiness or sucess or celebration. Four eights mean a pregancy. Nine and ten of spades, hospital or prison. The six and eight of hearts together mean a marriage proposal. The two and seven of spades a divorce. Two black jacks mean a warning. A kink and a jack of the same suit, means someone in your past will show up. Two black tens indicate severe disappointment.

Remember that if you dont like what the future holds, you have the ability to change it.

"What your cards mean"


Ace of spades: Disaster or shattered hopes

Two of spades: oppositions

Three of spades: worries

Four of spades: jealousy

Five of spades: gossip

Six of spades: minor illmess, drugs or alcohol

Seven of spades: out of the past

Eight of spades: will or document

Nine of spades: Serious illness

Ten of spades: unhappiness

Jack of spades: A young troubled person, especially teen with problems.

Queen of spades: Recently widowed woman, or vicious female gossip.

King of spades: widowed or mean man who hurts people


Ace of Diamonds: letter

Two of Diamonds: soon, right away

Three of Diamonds: message

Four of Diamonds: gift

Five of Diamonds: slight chance

Six of Diamonds: payments

Seven of Diamonds: small sum of money

Eight of Diamonds: large sum of money

Nine of Diamonds: second wish card

Ten of Diamonds: chance

Jack of Diamonds: unmarried young person, red, blond or white hair, money minded.

Queen of Diamonds: adult woman, red, blond or white hair, money minded,

King of Diamonds: adult male, red, blond or white hair, money minded


Ace of Clubs: place of work

Two of Clubs: delays

Three os Clubs: phone call

Four of Clubs: friend

Five of Clubs: car or other vehicle

Six of Clubs: friend

Seven of Clubs: short trip

Eight os Clubs: job

Nine of Clubs: long journey

Ten of Clubs: business or business venture

Jack of Clubs: unmarried young person, dark hair sensible.

Queen of Clubs: black haired woman, dark complection, business woman

Kind of Clubs: dark haired man, business man, or work aholic


Ace of Hearts: your household

Two of Hearts: good news

Three of Hearts: removeal

Four of Hearts: soon

Five of Hearts: sweetheart

Six of Hearts: proposal

Seven of Hearts: pleasent surprise

Eight of Hearts: meeting

Nine of Hearts: wish card

Ten of Hearts: happiness

jack of Hearts: young man, good hearted, may be single or married, medium complection, brown hair, blue, green or hazle eyes.

Queen of Hearts: Married or adult woman, loves people, fair complected, hair color from ash blonde to reddish brown.

King of Hearts: Fair complected adult male warm hearted, hair coloring from ash blonde to dark brown.

Clubs: Earth, Business affairs.

Spades: Air, troubles, problems, despondency, depression.

Hearts: Water, Love relationships

Diamonds: Fire, money

"Astrological Signs"

Clubs: capricorn, virgo, tarus.

Spaides: Aquarius, Libra, Gemini.

Hearts: Pisces, Scorpio, Cancer.

Diamonds: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius.