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Witch Haven

Welcome to Witch Haven. A haven for Witches and Pagans. Hello, My name is Rose. And this is my webpage. I hope you can feel at home here. I know to me it is like a second home. I have been working on my webpages (yes more than one) with both a webtv clasic and a computer. I am trying to make my webpages both webtv and pc compatiable. In doing this you will not find any .bmp files (webtv can not view them), and I dont plain on putting music on my pages either. It slows down webtvs and computers. And frankly it slows down loading time. So with the lack of these items and others, I hope you still enjoy yourself.

If you are still interested by the time you get to the bottom of the page, or maybe the second page, there will be a list of links. These links will lead to my other pages (if I get them finished), my friends pages, and my familys pages.

I guess I should put a warning in here someplace, I have startled friends with my first webpage on webtv. If you do not believe in Witches, the world of Fantasy, and other things like that, you may want to turn around and leave now. I have a habbit of putting things plain and simple, and a weird sense of humor. The first thing that I will state is that I am a Witch. Most of my friends on the web are Witches, Wiccan, Druids, Atheists, and non believers in organized religion. I also have some good Christian friends that take me for who I am, not the religion or path I choose to follow. So if you object to anything I say just remember, I warned you.

In this webpage I am hoping to have many rooms. One tells more about me, Rose, and the way I think and feel, (or at least I hope it does) There is the Fantasy World, where unicorns, dragons and other mythical animals live. My Kitchen where all kinds of things will be cooked up. The Room of Mystics, where I keep my spells. And dont forget to wander outside to the Garden, where all kinds of Herbs and flowers will be growing. These are just a few of the rooms I am planing to build, they are not all up yet, so if you are a patient person, please come back from time to time and see the progress that I have made.

I will try to decorate them with Love, Light and Laughter for all who enter. If not remember, I am only human.

Rose At Dawn's Messed
up World