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A Fantasy World

(This page got erased somehow so if you will be patient, I will try to put it back the way it was.)

Welcome to my fantasy world. This is a place of mystical creatures. A place for unicorns, dragons, faeries and any other creature you can think of.

The unicorn, one of the most noble of creatures to walk the face of this earth, is no longer seen by man. To see a unicorn means that you are pure of spirit and mind. In a way a virgin.

Power Animals

I have not found very much on the web about power animals. So I thought I would do a page on them. Power animals can be sneaky beasties. They might come into your life without you even knowing they are there. Like all other parts of Witchcraft your power animals can be anything. They could be a mighty dragon or a little ladybug. They do not even have to be of this world.

Most people in the craft at one time or another want to know what their power animal is. I imagine there are spells or rituals that you can do to contact them and to find out what they are. I have found out over the years that you do not have to do a ritual to find out what your power animal is. All you need to know is what kind of animals you like. Most likely that is what they are.

When I first started learning the ways of the craft I had no idea what a power animal was. Then one day I was over at a fiends house. We would sit outside for hours talking about all kinds of things. Mostly different things to do with the spirit world. He would tell me things that happened to him, and I would tell him things that happened to me. Well we were sitting on his porch talking and I kept feeling someone holding my hand. I let this go on for a few hours then asked him who was holding my hand. He told me that it was a baby griffin and she was not holding my hand. She had my hand in her mouth. I asked him what she wanted and he told me that she wanted to go home with me. I have had her ever since.

You may ask yourself why I would talk about things that have happened to me instead of the animals themselves. The answer is simple. I like telling stories and some people can learn more from a story than they can from a lot of facts about animals. Anyone can pick up a book and read that a wolf can help you find a teacher, they are strong protection, and they bring wisdom. And yes many books can tell you how to contact your power animals through meditation, a vision quest or something else like that. What most books do not tell you is that they are already with you and have been since the day you were born. In other words they know you exist even though you might not know about them.