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November 17th: Have not updated in a long time...Dunno why!! Umm...To the person that sent me some more You Know You Like... Thingies, I'll try to have them up sometime soon...I just wanted you all to know that I'm gonna start a section about myself...I have pictures at the moment...that's all... here! Dude, I look so horrible!

October 14th: Ooh, haven't updated for a while...Oh well...I now have a ton of "You Know You Like Heero Yuy Too Much When..."'s up...Thanks for waiting for me...Next time you have to wait this long for an update, e-mail me and yell at me. And please don't flame me for liking yaoi, kuz I don't care...You're just wasting your time. If you flame me for yaoi, then you won't even get a reply or anything...You're a loser if you waste your frickin' time on that! Anyways, please yell at me if I don't update at least once a month...

August 11th: To get some Heero songs, go here. This is one of the easiest ways to get things...All you need is a Yahoo! account and then you can download whatever I've got in there...Right now there are two Heero songs but I'll be adding more things whenever I can...I'll put the lyrics up in a section when I can, I'm not able to use the computer as much as I used to...My dad has turned mean!

July 29th: Chapter Four of Heeroic Tears is up!

July 15th: Throughout the week, I put up a few new You Know You Like Heero...When's.

July 7th: Nothing new up, just wanted to let you know something...Lately I've been getting quite a few flames. Someone said that I'm not a true Heero fan because I didn't put his "true" name up in the info section. I didn't put it up there because I don't believe that it needs to be there. To everyone he knows and those who love him he's known as Heero Yuy. To be a true fan you don't need to know a lot of useless trivia facts...Never can true adoration be measured by that. Only you can know because it's a feeling that comes from your heart. If you feel that you are a devoted fan, never let anyone tell you otherwise...
And please don't flame me because either you'll get bitched out by me or nothing at all if I don't feel the need to explain myself or just don't think your complaint is worthy enough for a reply. I have put hours and hours of work into this website, finding pictures, writing info and stories, working out my design, then typing all the html for each page out, sometimes haven all ready written it out on paper...And if you don't like my website, don't come back...I wouldn't want you here if you don't appreciate it...

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