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Riding Meetings

Please look over the information below to find out a time for our ridding meeting. The time and date will be set at our next meeting on Jan. 10

Pavilion Information

Because of various activities on the fairgrounds, we suggest you call ahead to confirm the Pavilion is available.

The Pavilion is not open during any Grant County Holiday period: Nov 25-26 Dec. 24-25 Dec 31- Jan 1

Open hours will usually be from 9:00an until 9:00 pm Tues thru Sunday. Mondays are closed for arena workup. Other days/evenings may be closed to open riding, Please call ahead to avoid disappointment.

During the Open Riding period, Construction will be going on for the new Restrooms/Concessions Booth on the Kenny Ardell Pavilion.

First Period: Beginning Nov 16, 2004 Ends Jan 23, 2005

Closed Jan 24 through Feb 11, 205 For the Washington State Potato Conference Trade Show

Second Period: Beginning Feb 12, 2005 Ends Feb 27, 2005

Riding Meetings

none have been decided on yet

Other activites: