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Welcome to WenMommies!


Are you a Wenatchee area mom who wants to get out and let her kids explore the world while forming new friendships? Do you long to watch your children interact with others while you can get some of the all-important adult conversation you crave? Do you have things you would love to do, but think they'd be more fun with friends? And most important, do you want one night a month for just you and your Mommy friends?

If you answered yes to any of these, WenMommies is for you! This is a brand new playgroup in the Wenatchee area, searching for moms and their kids.

  • WHAT IS A PLAYGROUP? A playgroup is a group of mothers who get together on a regular basis with their children and take part in activities.

 Want to Nominate a WenMommies Mom of the Month ? We have our schedule for October posted now!


Let me tell you a little about myself. My name is Kat, and I am 21. I have been married to a wonderful man since March of 1999, and we have one daughter who will be 2 in October. We are expecting our second child in November of this year... and hoping the ultrasound tech was correct in telling us it was another girl ...I moved to Waterville in January of 2001 and have been looking for other moms ever since. After long-searching, I decided that WenMommies was the best way to go to get some of us in the same place! Welcome, and Enjoy!

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