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Since You Asked.......

You ask, "Why does he put his pictures on a web page?"  The answer is simple really - most of the pictures that I have are quite large in file size - it makes life easy for us both. There are more photo's at the bottom of the page.

Yes, I wear seatbelts!


I am 45 years old - I am college educated as a nurse and an emt. I am currently back in college as un Undergraduate in Anthropology.    I live in Lakeland, Florida and am currently taking a very much needed sabbatical from the medical field to concentrate on my studies. It's not uncommon for me to work two jobs and still maintain a 3.8 GPA.  I am a light smoker and a social drinker. I am tall {5'11"},  lean & trim {165 pounds and in-shape}, athletic, well-dressed, attractive, and articulate. I like to look good. I'm confident in my abilities and am well-aware of my limitations and weaknesses.

My Interests

Some of my interests include Cirque Du Soleil, fine art and museums, AKC dogs and shows, college plays & theatre, sailing, the ocean, medicine / science, anthropology, ghost hunting, fine wines and good food. I own a Schnauzer who believes he's a 5 year old human, I collect model ships and love the pursuit of biblical archeology. I have my own belief system about religion and my own views about the bible.  I like classical, jazz, and hard rock music. I like to put on a tie and take in a concert or two as well as mingle in a tux at social events.


What I Seek

First and foremost - I'm not looking to "hook-up" with anyone. I'm looking for lasting friendships that at some point may lead to something more permanent.  I'm in no hurry. I like to takes things very slow. I'm easy to get along with, told I'm funny, have a dominant side to me in the bedroom, love to get out and do things - not just watch the world go by through a window.  I seek friendship first - lovers second.  I seek someone who is in-shape, easy on the eyes, takes care of herself, is 100% feminine in her dress, speech, and lifestyle. I seek a woman who likes to don an evening gown at times and likes to get a little giggly in private. I love to cuddle, I love romance in it's purest form, and I love spending quality time. I seek a woman who takes pride in her appearance at all times, wants to be with a man of ambition and knowledge, and who wants a happy lifestyle. You must be dog-friendly.


More Pictures

              Just got up!                       Not a bad body for 45 years!              Not a bad tan!


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