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(i)The background info

I made splorg so I could be as creative as I could be. I don't know how I thought of splorg lol! I just wanted something a bit mad! I first made it to be a blog site, but I think I might make it into more of a graphic site 'cos I lurve making graphics!

(ii)The layout

(Colours:) Black, white and red
(Featuring:) Billy-Joe, Greenday
(Graphic:) Google
(Made by:) Me


I have none!
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(iv)Links to sites I love

Cute Huggelz taught me virtually everything I know! Go visit Kayla she's amazing!

Peachie is the only site I understood I-frames on! Peachie is on the verge of closing down so please go and support them!

This site is so unique it inspires me! Go visit now!

(v)Link Me

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