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Selected Sermons

The Beatitudes 1-6 SCK Sunrise Service SCK Anniversary CBC Chapel Service
Vacant A Christian Should Be The Four Mistakes Dealing With Fear
New Year's Sermons Theology of Faithfulness Faithfulness-Fruit A True Follower of Jesus
Vacant Godly Leader The Home Ministry Essentials
Vacant Fathers Day Biblical Stewardship Treating Each Other
Bringing People to Jesus Confident to God Selected Sermons 1-6 The 3 "Vs" of Calvary
Love God The Bread of Life Vacant Sermon Outlines1
Stewardship Bible Study Outline Vacant Sermon Outlines2
SCK Anniversary S.K. San Jose-Giving Vacant Special Occassion
Successful Life Vacant The "For" of Paul Special Occassion
Preparing for Success Vacant Follow Me Authentic Christian
Promises... Work for a Living Turning Trials Following Jesus
BGCC Anniversary God Helps Those Stay Focus NIKE
Mother's Love New Year Fresh Start Antidote to Anxiety
Testing 1-2-3 The Light of the World The Assurance of Life Conquerred by Darkness
3 Steps in Serving the Lord Expecting the Best Facts About Finances Giving our Best
Life is like a Basketball Right Minus Wrong God's Love Works in Us Marriage Sermon Series
I Am The Gate CBC Chapel Service Excuses Instead of Service Don't Sell the Truth
Reasons Christ Chose Judas Christmas Sermons Dependent on Self-Control True Worshippers

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