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1974 AMF Aermacchi Harley Davidson

Here's the new entry into the corral. I found this little iron horse fairly cheap and received it in a few boxes. (This worked well for my tinkering mind.) I have been meticulously working to bring it back as close to the stock look as possible.

The tank has a fresh coat of paint and decals; new old stock (NOS) luggage rack, windshield and alarm has been added; and a OEM wiring harness. Sonny's Motor Cycle Repair rebuilt the engine and fixed up some parts for me.

OCTOBER 2004: I attended a Motorcycle Safety Foundation basic riders course to learn the ins and outs of riding. (Since I had never ridden a cycle before I wanted to make sure that I learned the proper technique.)

NOVEMBER 02, 2004: I have successfully completed the California State Motorcycle Driver's License test!

Original Pictures

PICTURE: Original Right Picture PICTURE: Original Front Picture PICTURE: Original Left Picture