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Official Website of The George A. Wyman Centennial Run Project of 2003 name=Keywords>

Welcome to the Official Website of the

George A. Wyman Centennial Run

"Across America on a Motor Bicycle"

1903 - 2003
George A. Wyman
   Rif Addams     
New York!
...we made it!
•Rif and Bob arrive in Long Island, participate in parade.
•George Wyman honored at Sagamore Hill re-enactment.

See "Road Updates" for latest info
Special thanks
to Dave at the
Whizzer Motorbike Company and
to Ray at Whizzer Fun, Inc for their generous donations.

Whizzer Motorbike Company

(as printed in "The Motorcycle" magazine)
UPDATED 1/13 Rif's "Tales from the Road"
(check here for the latest from the road) 
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