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In doing this page it evokes a lot of emotions for me.I want you the visitors to know how I came to be here at this point in my life and the reason for this page. This is my beginning: Five years ago our local cable company was offering a internet tool called World Gate. I saw the advertisements and was curious so I ordered it on a trial basis to see if I would like it and use it. World Gate is similar to web-tv except it doesn't support the sound element and is limited as far as surfing the web. I did however have email and was able to use yahoo chat rooms.....this in itself was an experience to say the least. While in a chat room one day a lady entered and asked if anyone had a pattern for a poncho they would be willing to share. I replyed that I did and if she would send me her mailing address I would send it to her. After that day we stayed in contact by email then eventually the phone.Her name was Judith and we became very close friends. We shared our morning coffee together and our lifes trials and tribulations. At this time Judith was building her own web page and sent me her web address after each addtion or change she made.Because of the limitations of World Gate I could not hear her choice of music or even see some of her images.I was very impressed by her sense of articulations and the other elements she used. She had a wonderful sense of humor also..she brightened my day everyday that we were together. I had an opportunity to view Judith's web site from my son's computer and was amazed at the difference it had from World Gate.Even my spouse agreed and thought it time I get my own computer. After setting up my computer Judith was there everyday to instruct and guide me through the process of building my own web pages.She had the patience of a a greenhorn trying to build a web site using a very intimidating computer.I learned very early on this computer stuff is all trial and error. Mostly error for me but I do manage to outwit it! During these months of our friendship we got even close we could finish each others sentences, we often kidded each other about being long lost twins. Judith was also building a site called Threads. This is a woman's group where we encourage and support each other for everything we encounter.Her banner she created reads: Women around the world connected by the threads of friendship. This was sort of therapy for Judith as she had a major heart attack prior to our meeting and was unable to work again. About a year after developing our friendship Judith had another major attack and almost didn't survive.I was notified by her hubby of this and so I kept a phone vigil everyday to the hospital and updated all our other members and her friends of her condition.After about two weeks in the hospital she did return home. I know all our prayers helped Judith to get better.The worse thing was all the medications she was taking robbed her of her memory.Thus she wasn't able to function as she had prior and I was there struggling to help her regain what the medications had stolen.This was a very long strenous and frustrating time for us both.Our humor managed to releive the stress and so she did regain some but not all of it. This process took well over a year to accomplish.We called each other our "ROCK" as we had come so far in our relationship that I was repaying her for all her knowledge she had passed on to me. We had made plans to meet personally this spring or early supper.Something we talked about daily. On the evening of Jan. 31st 2002 I was away from my computer for some reason and when I returned to my mail I was reading a forwared email from another friend and in that email it stated that Judith had passed away!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was and I am still devastated that she is gone. I do know that Judith is with our Lord now as I type this.She is also in my heart and her spirit is with me daily.We will have our meet but not on this earth but in Heaven one day.

Judith who will be forever in my heart and here on this page.You are truly loved and missed!