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There are too few words in all the languages of earth to describe me, but, I'll do the best I can in English

Ok, First, the basics:
Name: Brandt P. March.
Where You Can Find Me: Northeastern Washington.
DOB: 10/7/1985
Interesting Facts: I'm Number 69 in football.
Selkirk High School
You all know who you are (look for their URL's in my Links Page)
Goals and Ambitions:
To make it through high school without Ms. Weir biting my head off.  To go to a four year University and get some kind of engineering degree.
Quote(s): Ever wonder if illiterate people get the full effect of alphabet soup?

Now, a little more personal:
Song: Too many.  Artists like Linkin Park, The Used, Saliva, Disturbed and 3 doors down.
Movie: Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. The Two Towers
Nicknames: Boni, Bonifacio,B
Color: Green
Car: Mazda B2200 pickup

Past time: motorbikes, football
Miscellaneous Garbage:
I live at home with my Mother, Nicki; Father, Roy; Brother(?), Clint; Sister, Kara.
I'm a B average student because I procrastinate constantly (I'm supposed to be doing homework now:D)
I drive a Mazda B2200 pickup.
I don't know how to describe myself, so you'll just have to get to know me
My favorite class of the day is nothing, because that's what I do all day. 
I play multiple instruments at various levels, none to high.
More to come in the following months, aight!