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DMR Dancing at Sunrise

Sunny was born on Maundy Thursday (April 8th) about 11:00 PM. I knelt next to her in the stall in my church dress, drying her off , my heart in my throat. She was tiny and very still. I stayed with her and her mom for about 3 hours till she had nursed and moved feebly about a little. Early the next morning, I opened the stall door and she came bounding out. Her name was obvious!


Sunny is still dainty. See her below at almost one month with her brother who is older by 2 days but MUCH bigger!

Sunny is no lightweight though. Look at that stocky little body! And she is very agile. At left, she plays ball at 2 days old! Sunny was born solid colored but she's shed her foal coat on head and neck, showing lots of roaning. I wonder what color she will be next year!.

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Sunny;s dad is One Awesome Dually and mom is AAs Bay Bee (out of SS Go U Devil Go)span>