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Bumper Sticker News

The Billings Bumper Sticker is a newspaper put together by then-7th-grade-students (Now 9th grade students) at Billings Middle School in Seattle Washington. Please e- mail us and tell us what you think of this site.

News and opinions were derived and compiled in 2004

If you would like to see frog and cow comics, please request them by e-mailing us. See below.

BREAKING NEWS!! We got a new email adress because our old one was defective! Drop us a line @


GO SEAHAWKS!! 1/22/06 @ 3:30 PST!

Updated 1/21/2006

Bumper Sticker Stuff

John Day Rafting Trip- Peter Cramer
Same Old Thing- Peter Cramer
Schoolchildren in Laos Should Stop Beleiving in Miracles.
Suak River Update- Ali Palleroni
Gay Marriges- Janni Sleath
Madrib bombings- Jenni Sleath
Seattle Mariners Update- Michael Gore
Hockey Update- Michael Gore
Philberto Advice column- Michael Gore
Abortions- Naomi GB
Random Facts- Naomi GB
Book Reviews- Riley Patterson
Games and Google search