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Welcome To My Hangout!

Thanks for coming to visit my site. I made this site so as not to insult Angelfire by using their servers as a collector for all my junkie stuff XD. Therefore, I took the initiative to create this site with the best knowledge of HTML 4 available to me. It's nothing impressive as you can see, but it's a start. If you are wondering who I am (though I'm certain most you who visit already know), please visit the "Profile" section for personal information about me. Other than that I have compiled a compendium of items of interest (mostly) created or edited by me. However, if you think the contents of this site are unappetizing in any way. I suggest you press Alt+F4 right now.
In Any Case, Please Enjoy Yourselves.


19 December 2003
Finally found the time to write the layout of the site. Can begin working on the site content now, although most of it has already been made as junk XD.

22 December 2003
Corrected some imminent faults with page layout. Now beginning production of site content.


All content on this site made by the owner is free to distribute but not in terms of earning profits. Violaters shall be tried by the law. Unoriginal content will be credited, shall not be distributed in anyway and may only be used for personal purposes.