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Larry and Jacob, Michael's cousins

I miss how we hung out
I miss how you helped me..
and I helped you.
I remember the days
you were here
like they were yesterday.
But now that's all they are...
Because you are gone now
and it breaks my heart
to think of what you went through.
But, the one thing that bugs me,
confuses me, and makes me wonder
Why did you do it?


The above poem was written by Michael's cousin, Jennifer, age 12

Jenn, Michael's cousin


You say life is hard and there is no reason to live.
Every day you say you don't have any thing to give,
To this world oh so vast, watching it go past.
Faster, faster never slowing down,
Not for me, you, no one in the town
Cities are big, towns are small,
No mater where you are you say you'll fall.
Why not leave and end your life.
Go ahead; leave your children and your wife


I'll tell you why man, don't go through with this crazy plan.
It's suicide and abandonment
I'm trying to give you a hint.
Stay here we can work it out.
Don't shout, yell, scream,
We can work as a team
To do this would cause such pain, its insane,
Won't gain any fame, won't win the game.
Nothing to be done on this Earth
You have such worth.
Here now all the time
You won't gain anything not a dime.
If you die we all cry,
Then death inside.
Images stuck in my head
Can't go to bed.
No sleep, I'll just weep.
Lying here wide awake,
Because of your life you had to take.
Three years past, you just couldn't last.
Pass your problems on,
You couldn't, now your gone.
Why? Didn't even let me say good bye
Now your free like a dove, You left with all our love.

by: Jacob Creiglow