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I'm sure you've heard about HOS - Higher Order Spectra. It has figured prominently in numerous scientific papers on I>e.g. BICOHERENCE of NONLINEAR WAVES INTERACTIONS. But it is often portrayed as a strange statistical feature, overrun by misinterpretation.

I must admit, when my friend told me that BICOHERENCE related research was no more than just a fictional land populated by men with ill-fitting science concepts, I was in disbelief. I had read some literature on the nonlinear spectral analysis and I was very Happy that I got to that point. Then I get excited with possible applications in BRAIN RESEARCH. Now I am sure - Brain works by modulation of RHYTMS having different frequencies which provides synergy at varius levels of its organization; from cells to their populations and finally to CONSCiOUSNESS.

Although Bicoherence is a real entity, the proprietors do not want the location to become too well known, fearing that they would then be overrun by the greatest monster of all: man. So my trip there was planned in secret and I had to remain blindfolded during my flight.

But it was all worth it, Bicoherence Island was the best vacation I've ever had. Being able to walk up to a Pacific Ocean coast in front of Scripps Institution of Oceanography at La Jolla - at UCSD was just about the coolest thing in the world. I thought the giants of science on the island would be in cages, or inaccessible, but they are quite friendly and accessible to my great surprise. And It never rains in San Diego (Southern California) especially when you have a chance to work with prof. Theodore BULLOCK - the greatest men I had ever know.