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JGS4 Flight Training Photos

All images courtesy JGS4FubarJ78

Uh oh. Poor Freid! His airplane is coming apart on him!

Hehe!! Looks like HedgeHog didn't check his six!

It sure looks like this Allied bomber wont be able to complete his mission!

Fubar is Delmar's six and Delmar cant get away!

Scratch one Allied scout!

Hmmmm, errrr Flooka, aren't you a bit low?

LOL! Obviously Best Pilot isn't the best pilot!

Oh wow! A bi plane just turned into a mono plane

At least Wop May knows when he is beaten.

T Tag getting flamed by JGS4Purolator!

One Bar-B-Qued Hun pilot! Ah too bad! And so close to home too!

LMAO! One Kobra flaming another!

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Text is copyright (c) 2002 by Eric A. Snyder. All rights reserved. Images provided by JGS4FubarJ78.