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Here are the latest photos of the RBWL match between JGS4/JG13/REBS as Allied and FA 62 as Hun!

Some pictures of members of the Allied team taking off and heading out.

A view of vKberg headed out also. VKberg destroyed 3 targets during his runs! Way to go!
Image courtesy vKberg.

A view of Sparks headed to his assigned area.

A view of Sparks as he waits for the server to select some targets.

Here it is, a factory!

Scratch one target!

Sparks is on his way to another target escorted by Arland and Dark.

A view of Dooch as he and Sparks are attacking a supply depot.

Great job Dooch!

Time to run!

Escorted be Arland, Dark went on ahead to scout for enemies.

Landed at a friendly drome for rearming.

Taking off to get more targets during our next turn.

A view of Dooch also heading out on his bomb run.

Here is Spark's target. 2 enemy contacts, and now it becomes a race!

Whew! Just in time! Sparks is toast, but at least he got the bridge.

Sparks on defense now, headed out to cover a target.

VKberg on drome defense. Ouch! With this many huns trying for the drome,
vKberg tried his best to protect it.
Images courtesy of vKberg.

Sparks has arrived and here it is, a target bridge.

Sparks is joined by Thor. No enemies showed up for the rest of the match.
Apearently, they were at the drome vKberg was helping to protect.

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