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Red Baron 3D On-Line Screenshots

Here are the latest screen shots that were taken while playing Red Baron 3D over the internet.
Enemy defender spotted!


LOL! Lucky shot!

Target destroyed!

Murph and Sparks headed to the first target.

An aerodrome.

Aerodrome destroyed! WTG Team!

We are on our way to another aerodrome.

Arrggggg!!!!! Darn it! Allieds, Ya better give those groundies a bonus!

Murph and Sparks headed out again.

Sparks and Murph doing a number on this large aerodrome!

Way to go team!

Returning to base for repairs and more ordinance.

Sparks and Murph headed out again.

Hehehe!!! Murph is trying to confuse the defenders at the aerodrome!

Hey! It's Hammer! Come on over and join the party!

Sparks and Murph bombing this aerodrome.

YES! Great job team!

Way to go Hammer!

Hammer, Murph and Sparks headed to another aerodrome.

Viper is providing escort.

Hammer going in!

Hammer, Murph and Sparks in the process of reducing the aerodrome to rubble!

WooHooo! Aerodrome destroyed!

Murph, Sparks and Hammer returning to base after several successful missions.

Viper provided our defense, luckily, his services were not needed.

Sparks, vKberg and Maurer are predeployed, waiting for some targets.

Headed to the target, getting some flack.

One machine gun nest destroyed.

Pictures of Maurer and vKberg bombing the aerodrome.

Yes! Nicely done guys!

Ummmm, No it doesn't!

Returning home, and.....

Doing a little celebrating!

I will be posting additional screenshots of Red Baron 3D as they become available and as time permits. Be sure to come back again soon, you will never know what may be posted here!
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