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Here are the pictures from our most recent practice session!
We flew in the WON.NET Alsace Server.

A couple of JGS4 bombers taking off for thier first bomb run.

The first target is this factory!

Purolator demonstrating his technique for destroying factories!.

Nice job Purolator! A vital Allied manufacturing facility is destrtoyed!

The next target is this Allied aerodrome.

Scratch one Allied aerodrome!

On our way to more Allied targets.

This time its a bridge.

Good job! A vital Allied supply line destrtoyed!

Now for this Rail Yard!

Excellent work! There goes an Allied transportation link!

This nearby city is next!

Way to go team! Lets Return to base!

Another bomber group taking off and headed to more Allied targets.

Hello Can, welcome to the group!

A view of Can and Purolator softening up the defenses at this aerodrome.

Great work guys!

Some Hun bombers on thier way to additional targets!

Another enemy aerodrome!

Nicely done! These Allied aerodromes are dropping rapidly!

Next target here we come!

Another large aerodrome!

Great work guys! Another aerodrome destroyed!

And our final target during this practice session!

Nicely done! Lets call it a day!

If you like the way members of JGS4 fly together during practice, consider joining our squadron. You will find a link to JGS4 and a link to the JGS4 recruiting area on the main page of this web site.

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