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In Game Screen Shots

Here are some screen shots of the action during the RBWL All Star Game
Huns Vs. Allieds!

Members of Hun team taking off and heading to their respective areas.

OH MY! An Allied bomber!

A view of Sparks providing high cover,....

While VPete pummels the bomber.

WTG VPete!

LOL Irish! Didn't you learn your lession the first time?

Views of Sparks, VPete, and Ricky headed to some targets.

A view of VPete bombing this aerodrome.

Way To Go Team! Lets get the other!

Great job Ricky! Hehehe, He should have known better than to take you on!

LMAO Questions! If only you knew the truth!

Way to go! Another Allied drome reduced to rubble! Yep! Time to run!

Running for home, pursued by the enemy!

DOA is down!

Gyro too!

So is Hopper!

Finally Beerthirty! Well! So much for those guys!

You are not getting this drome!

Grrrrr! With all these targets grouped together, we are getting tied up!

Arrrg! Sparks is finally shot down!

I will be posting other RBWL All Star Game screen shots if I get them. Please come back again later.

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