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Seattle Museum of Flight WW1 Champlin Exhibit

On Saturday June 12, 2004 a group of Red Baron 3D players got together to go to the Museum of Flight in Seattle WA. We met at a resturaunt called Randy's before going to the museum. The Personal Courage wing of the museum had just opened a week earlier and consists of aircraft of the Champlin exhibit. Though the Personal Courage wing has on exhibit both WW1 and WW2 aircraft along with many other exhibits depicting what it was like during the two wars, only WW1 era aircraft are shown here.
For more information about the Museum of flight go to thier web sight at

From left to right is Debby, Major Pain, Scorpion, AK Sneaky and Csq_CrapShoot.

From left to right is AK Sneaky in front. In back is Scorpion, his daugter Alexandrea, Csq_CrapShoot, J5 Baumer, LE Kolman, in front with his back to us is Justin, next to LE Kolman in back again is his son, LE Kolman Jr.,

From left to right is J5 Baumer, LE Kolman, LE Kolman Jr., Justin, Pentalion, and his son with just the arm visible is his son, Conner.

An outside view of the South end of the Museum of Flight

The Red Barn. This is the original location of the headquarters and manufacturing facility of the Boeing Co.

An early German scout. This craft uses wing warping to control roll.

An early fighter. This aircraft is all original. Engine, fabric, everything. It was made in Italy in 1914 and uses modern style ailerons to control roll.

Alexandrea and Scorpion viewing a video from one of a number of video kiosks placed throughout the exhibit.

An Eindecker III.

Sopwith Triplane

An authentic rotory engine that was used on the Sopwith Triplane.

Pentallion, flying a flight simulator. In this scenario, you are on an enemy's 6 and the number of seconds you have him in your sights are counted.

A Sopwith Pup.

A Fokker DR1 with a Camel in the background.

An Albatross DVa.

According to the information placcard for this display, the aircraft in a NP24. However, it has only 1 machine gun mounted over the engine.

Above in front is a Sopwith Snipe with a Fokker D7 in the background. The manequin in the D7 has his head turned towards the Snipe. LOL.

A NP28 with a rotory engine also displayed.

A Fokker D8.

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