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Welcome to JGS4 Jasta79b

JGS4 Jasta79b is part of the 2002 RBWL Champions Team!

North West Red Baron 3D meeting and Museum of Flight visit

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Jasta79b is part of the Jagdgeschwader4 Pan World World War I on-line virtual squadron. JGS4 and Jasta 79b is comprised of individuals from all over the world who love to play the World War I flight simulator Red Baron 3D over the internet in Multiplayer format. We fly with and against real people in real time in a virtual world placed during World War I. We fly in a wide variety game servers that allow players to choose the type of game they wish to play. Perhaps you want to fly and test your skills against other players. Or fly as Allied or German patrolling the front looking for and engaging enemy scouts or bombers who are trying to penetrate your defenses. Perhaps you want to go behind enemy lines, avoiding detection and bomb enemy targets. Red Baron 3D can provide all this and more. Though JGS4 and Jasta 79b primarily fly German aircraft, we also fly Allied aircraft from time to time. Jasta 79b holds practice sessions on a regular basis and other Red Baron enthusiests are welcome to attend.

Jasta 79b was originally created to provide escort support and protection to bomber aircraft. Recently our primary mission has changed. Our new mission is to attack, bomb and destroy enemy targets in Team Target game servers. Jasta 79b uses a variety of techniques to accomplish our primary mission. These include but are not limited to the use of lone wolf bombers, bomber groups without escort, and escorted bomber groups. Take a look at the in-game screenshots by clicking on the links below. The images were taken during actual game play and the other aircraft are being controled by other Red Baron 3D enthusiests.

If you already have Red Baron 3D and you would like to join JGS4 or Jasta 79b, please select the recruiting link below. It will take you directly to the JGS4 recuiting area.

JGS4 Contact and Recruiting area

To play Red Baron 3D over the internet, you need to purchase the software. Additionally an official Sierra program patch is required. The patch RB3D1078.EXE allows you to see and connect to the many game servers of Red Baron 3D and can be downloaded from the Wings of Valor web site. Unfortunately, the program is no longer available new. However, it does show up on E-Bay from time to time. The minimum recommended computer requirements are a Pentium II or equivilent running at 300Mhz with 64Mb RAM. Additionally a 56K dialup connection to the internet is also required. Red Baron 3D was designed to be played on modest computer systems. You do not need the latest and greatest to fly in our virtual world. Only a standard dial up connection with a 28800bps connect speed or better is required, though some have successfully played with lower speeds. Playing in the public game servers costs nothing extra and is free of charge.

Take a look at the screen shots of the various missions flown by pilots of JGS4. Also available is a comprehensive manual on bombing techniques used in Red Baron 3D. Please visit the home page of JGS4 and the Wings of Valor forum.

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