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- Republic of Somaliland

The Republic of Somaliland is a De-facto State and shares borders with the Republic of Djibouti to the west, Federal Republic of Ethiopia to the south and Somalia to the east.

The population of Somaliland is estimated at around 3.5 million with 0.3 millions living in the capital Hargeisa.

The Republic of Somaliland was known as the Somaliland Protectorate under the British rule from 1884 until June, 26th 1960 when Somaliland got its independence from Britain.

On July 1st 1960 it joined the former Italian Somalia to form the Somali Republic. The union did not work according to the aspirations of the people, and the strain led to a civil war from 1980s onwards and eventually to the collapse of the Somali Republic.

After the collapse of the Somali Republic, the people of Somaliland held a referendum in which it was decided to withdraw from the Union with Somalia and to declare independence.

For more information visit the Government of Somaliland.

The official homepage of Somaliland

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