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Washington & Oregon Home Grant Application and information page

Download And Print Your Home Grant Application Now!

You can now download your entire Home Grant Package directly from this page.  Simply follow these 9 easy steps:

Print all Forms on Legal Size Paper!

You can try it on normal size paper first.  Our updated page allows some printers to print the application on normal size paper.

Step 1: Download Adobe acrobat if you need.

Step 2: Print the Loan Application

Step 3: Skip steps 3,4 and 5 if you can print the attachment!  

            Skip this step anyway.

Step 4: Print the Equal Credit Opportunity Act

            We'll do this later.

Step 5: the Fair Lending Notice

           This too.

Step 6:   Tips: Special Instructions

          Optional just call me.

Call (425) 786-9876 while filling out application.

Step 7: Attach the following documentation

The previous 2 years' tax returns 
The previous 2 years' W-2's 
1 recent pay stub
3 recent bank statements

The previous 2 years' tax returns 
Year-to-date P&L statement 
Business License 
24 months of bank statements

               This is handy if you have it.  Otherwise you can send it in after

               we find out what programs are good for your situation.

Step 8: 

Attach a check made payable to "Mortgage Market Inc." for $35.00 person. This is for your TRI-MERGE Residential Mortgage Credit Report (RMCR) required by all lending institutions.

If you can't afford $35 for a zero down home loan you probably can't afford a house.  I get people great deals on loans.  Why should I penalize the people who are serious about saving money by making them pay for everyone else's credit reports.  I'm not trying to be a jerk.  I just don't think it's fair to charge someone an additional $175 for 4 other people's inquiries that aren't as serious.

Bad credit will not necessarily disqualify you for a home grant.  

Step 9: Grant Submission

Mail or FedEx your package with your check to:

ATTN: Bryan Andresen
Mortgage Market
3801 150th SE Bellevue WA
Bellevue, WA 9800

or fax:  (425) 646-4766

Note:  Washington and Oregon clients should qualify for home grants allowing them to purchase properties with 3% or zero down payment.

Questions & Answers

Q:  What is a Home Grant?

Home Grants are primarily intended for down payment assistance and interest rate assistance only.  Home Grants are to be used in combination with a home loan.  Home Grants are available in 20% assistance or more in limited situations.  (Multifamily and Investment Properties should be ok)

Q:  Can I qualify for a home grant if I have bad credit or a Bankruptcy?

Yes, Home Grants are available for home purchasers just out of Bankruptcy and Foreclosure and pre-foreclosure-refinance situations  under special conditions.  Bank turndowns and specialty turndowns are welcome.  Call for details.


Q:  How long does it take to get a Home Grant?

A:  Most Home Grants can fund in less than 24 hours. (Business Days Only)  Please apply ahead of time out courtesy.


Q:  Can I look for a house then apply for a Home Grant.

A:  Home grants are best suited for houses that have "equity in them" or have been reduced in price.  It is best to have a pre-approval letter to know you aren't wasting your time when you go to find a house.



Q:  Are Home Grants available outside WA & OR?

A:  We are starting to do some in CO but I don't have a good way to make them work outside these three states.  If you really need one call me and maybe we can look at your situation.



Q:  Are there limits on the size of a grant you can get?

A:  Yes, there isn't a percentage limit but most sellers will not allow more than a 10 to 20% grant at most.  Compared to most grant programs at 3-5%


Q:  Why don't more people get Home Grants?

A:  Home Grants a a little know resource.  Even when you hear about them on the radio people usually don't know who to contact.  In fact most real estate and loan officers don't know exactly how to go about applying for a grant.





This section is for Agents & Brokers Only!

Oregon agents may qualify for a referral bonuses for educating clients on how to obtain a home grant.

Washington & Oregon

You may schedule a free Home Grant education class for your office or several offices.  If you have 12 or more agents who will attend the president of our home grant division will personally come give the presentation.  This tool will help boost the number of office sales and number of satisfied clients who will bring you more client referrals.

If your agent does not yet offer home grants have them call me and I'll help them to offer these options to you.

Questions or Comments:

Bryan Andresen 206-786-9876