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In-house Services Available:

The following In-house services are available to our residents, nearly eliminating the need for travel to outside facilities:
  • 24-hours nursing services
  • Individualized care planning, involving resident, family and staff
  • Your local doctor will make visits to our location
  • In house X-rays
  • Lab testing in cooperation with Sunnyside Community Hospital
  • Mental Health services provided through Lower Valley Mental Health, including psychiatric consultation and social worker
  • Hearing services provided through Thompson Audiology
  • Dental Services Through Dr Narrell
  • All transportation arranged to resident's appointment with a Certified Nursing Assistant
  • Washington State Registered Diatian
  • Barber and beauty services
  • Spiritual support by your minister and congregation, Numerous church services throughout the week
  • Contracts with Hospice through Lower Valley Hospice, Providence Hospital Hospice, and Memorial Hospital Hospice.