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Rehabilitation Services

Dr. John Allen, Therapy Physician, visits all therapy patients at least 3 times a week and attends therapy meetings patients coordinate Physical, Occupational and Speech therapy services. He does not replace your family physician but joins him/her in the care of your loved one.
Hillcrest Manor provides three therapies physical, occupational and speech, on an in-patient and out-patient basis. These services are designed for all ages and appropriate injuries, from the young person with an auto injury, to the senior recovering from a hip replacement, knee replacement or stroke.
Physical-Therapy focuses on strengthening the lower extremities and restoring the patient's maximum levels of funtion. Since an injury may require new means, or levels of mobility, we provide care giver training to facilitate the greatest means of support for returning to the home environment.
Occupational Therapy is to strengthen the upper body, and assist residents in functioning at their maximum potential for as long as possible. Strength and range of motion have far-flung ramifications. Even a small improvement can have an overwhelming, positive impact, again making it possible for the person to do their daily routines.
Speech Therapists evaluate a person's thoughts process, speech and swallowing ability after trauma, such as a stroke or car accident. By working quickly and intensely, much of the loss can be regained. In some cases of discharge to home, our therapists go to the home of the resident, evaluate any need for equipment such as: safety bars or rails, stairways, width of doors, household hazards, and the bathing facilities. Once the evaluation is complete and the equipment is installed, the therapists may take the resident home and help them practice moving about. In this way, the return home is smooth and as accident-free as possible.