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son of
Elizabeth & Robert CARMAN
Died May 12, 1866
AE 45 yrs 11 mos 16 das
Farewell dear friends and kindred dear 
I am not dead, but sleeping here
I was not your, but God's alone
He loved me best and called me home

Preserted Parks
Died Aug.
(Stone is broken in two pieces)
Aged 34 years
Preserved we miss thee sadly
Thou hast left us here to weep
But we hope to meet thee gladly
For our Saviour doth thee keep

Mary Ann
Wife of
William Berry
Apr. 22, 1858
AE 66 y'rs 7 mo's & 8 days
All you that read with little care
And turn away and leave me here
Remember that you have to die
And be entombed as well as I