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This section explains why companies use GE products and why scientists support it. Scientists have only skimmed the surface of this deep journey through genetic engineering. The people supporting GE foods are very hopeful that they will stop world hunger, boast the economy, wipe out diseases related to food, save the marine leaf's ecosystem, and produce more interesting plant life. This is just a little sample of the things agribusiness's hope to accomplish. Visit and learn more about where they are planning to move the agribusiness in the future. Many ethical questions arise around Genetic Engineering but that is counter argued. Many say that genetic engineering is just a simplified version of breeding, which has been around for thousands of years.

Here are the two main arguements that support genetic engineering:


GE foods will save many lives. World hunger will no longer be a problem when produce can be genectically modified to grow anywhere in the world. For example, a country that is cold and starving can have GE strawberries that are frost-resisting be sent there. Once they are planted, no one will have to worry if they will grow or not and it is gaureenteed that hardly any will go rotten. Also, the seeds that are planted lead to farmers making money, which leads to a better economy and if you are a third world country you need two things: a good economy and food for the starving. The US has already been sending GE seeds and food as aid to foreign countries, they plan to increase the aid in the future.

When seeds are sent or sold to anyplace or any country, farmers and more likly agribusineeses will make money. This is good for America's economy.


Before the use of GMO's in our produce, farmer's would use pesticides. Some believe pesticides are horrible and cause cancer, those who believe that eat organic foods. It is a known fact the pesticides are harmful for the environment. GE foods are known to be safe, effective, and so far healthier then organic or non-GE produce. GE foods are planted with pest-repellent DNA within them, they are grown with minimum rottenness, and they are easily adaptable to their surroundings. The common problem about pesticides is that they wash off plants into streams and eventually harm marine life.

"Oceans in peril: 'We have to change course,' say scientists" reads a Seattle Times headline, "Next month, a report from a panel appointed by President Bush is expected to paint a stark picture of oceans in trouble, and will call for sweeping new oversight measures to reverse decades of ecological decline in marine waters. 'We have major problems,' said Andrew Rosenberg, dean of life sciences and agriculture at the University of New Hampshire, and a member of the president's US. Commission on Ocean Policy, which has been working for three years on the report. 'Whether you label it a crisis or not, we view the issues as very severe. We have to change course.'" Whether you believe in GE foods or not, we can all agree that action needs to be taken and taken quickly.

The opportunities that come from GE foods are almost endless. The earlier the farmers start growing GE foods, the more environment is saved. Quickly things are changing and pretty soon grocery stores will sell nothing but fresh, lush, nutritious GE fruits and vegetables.