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Welcome to my website! My name is Jesse Callahan and I attend the Seattle Center School. Over the past couple months I have been researching GMOs and genetic engineering. I have found tons of interesting things but the most controversial was genetically engineered (GE) foods. I found there to be many sides to the argument and both had very valid points. That is what led me to create this site and the survey.

I have created a survey about GMO's in our foods. It is a very interesting survey because of its two parts. One part of it is a simple test to see how much the person knows about GE foods. The second part asks three questions: Do you want GE foods to be sold? Do you think labeling them is important? And do you think GE foods will become a problem in the future? I will be giving this survey to all the high school science teachers in the Seattle Public Schools.

The point of this survey is to find out what science experts, hopefully unbiased, have to say about GE foods. It will be interesting if they think there is a problem or not. Now, in order for a teacher to become a science expert, they must first pass the test part of the survey and this is the exact reason I have created a study to see what people think about the issue. I want to see how much people know about the issue. If they don't know a lot about the issues then I want to educate them thru this site and its links. Once people understand the issues then we can decide as a people, as a democracy, what needs to be done and how we can get it done.

Check out my website. Hopefully my results will come in soon but in the meantime look through the pages and become active!

The cons about GE foods
The pros about GE foods
The results of my survey
The survey that was given to the Seattle Public School science teachers
Links to other sites about GMO's in our food

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