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The svo in it's prime.

We found this svo last summer (2000) i noticed it didn't have power windows or door locks.i wrote the vin number down and got online that night to the svooa asking about the car. i posted that is was an optionless 85 svo. immediatly i got several responces claiming i found an 85 comp prep. model.i was informed that in 85 only fourty of these cars were produced, of tose forty either 10 or 30 of them were from early 85. i found one of those cars. the next morning we went to take a better look at the car and sure enough the door tags and vin # matched up to a comp prep. model. It had only 69k on it and was in exceptional condition. right then i new i had to have it. so i started negotiating, the lot knew nothing about it. i used the fact that it didn't have power windows or door locks as a tool to talk the price down. when all was said and done we got a high trade in on our car and talk the svo down that the dealer ended up paying us.

everything was origional and clean on the car. the rims had'nt even been curbed.

The Svo’s standard Transmission was a T-5 transmission equipped with a Hurst Shifter. Here you can see the shifter knob in great shape with the traditional “H” for Hurst. Also a standard Svo’s below the radio is three switches one for fog lamps a second for regular/premium fuel, and the third for the radio’s amp. Although these is now a radio in the car the third switch is not there.

The leather steering wheel in these cars is also another piece that gets ear damage during the years. Luckily ours is still in great shape. In the upper left corner of the cluster is the factory turbo gauge. Also this pictures you can see better that the temp controls are without the A/C.

I installed the harnesses just because I like them a lot more than standard seat belts. Here you can see how good the seats and interior are. There is one flaw on the drivers seat, fortunately it is in a seam and can easily be fixed.

All svo's came with a standard 7.5 rearend however in 85 they switched the gears from 345 to 373. I have a mandrol bent exhaust system with no CAT.

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