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Topic and Concluding Sentences                                                                                                                                          Worksheet        

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Topic Sentence

1.   It is the first sentence in a paragraph

2.   It introduces the main idea of the paragraph

3.   Summarize the main idea of your paragraph. Indicate to the reader what your paragraph will be about.

 Most topic sentences are statement sentences. And some topic sentences can be written in the form of a question.


STATEMENT  TOPIC SENTENCE: Many new customs stem from old traditions.


QUESTION TOPIC SENTENCE: Do you know how many new customs stem from old traditions?


Most topic sentences appear at the beginning of paragraphs. However, a topic sentence in the middle of a paragraph can unite the sentences that come before and after it. A topic sentence at the end of a paragraph serves as a clincher sentence to ensure that the reader has a firm grasp of your idea.


YOUR TURN 1. Underline the topic sentence in the paragraph below.

 1.         A number of people today claim that they do not believe in superstitions. But yet and still they get scared when they break a mirror or spill salt. Superstitions come from other customs from olden times. People did not understand how many things happened in the world; they could not understand it to explain it. So, they were in fear of the things that they could not understand.

Turn the topic sentence into a question, and write it in its question form below.


Concluding sentences

An effective paragraph requires a good concluding sentence. A concluding sentence can do any of the following: clinch an argument; give a personal opinion; restate the topic sentence; ask a question; announce a conclusion or decision.

 2.         Slang usually develops in certain patterns. It may begin with an individual who wishes to attract attention or who needs a new way to express something. Slang may also begin with a group. Some groups need to use a technical language; others wish to keep what they are saying secret. In any case, slang words move into the language when the people of a region pick up its use from the original users.

Which one of the sentences below would make a better concluding sentence.  Put a check in the triangle.

Δ            What kind of slang do you find yourself using?

Δ           So, as the pattern develops, an entire culture may later begin using the slang.