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Neighbours Boys

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                                  With wife Pam Willis - Sue Jones & Son  Adam


Doug was a bit of a Regular Joe. He didn't like rocking the boat or standing out from the crowd, he just liked to get a decent day's pay for a decent day's work. Played by Jason Donovan's real-life father, he owned his own construction firm and hoped one day to pass it on to one of his sons, but neither showed any enthusiasm for the builder's life (except for when Adam tried to prove to his father that he was man enough to do the job).

After a difficult relationship with his dad, Bert, Doug was determined always to be around for his four kids, and the only time he did anything to hurt his family was when he succumbed to the temptations Jill Weir made every effort to put in his way. Doug could easily be described as a man's man; he was never afraid to use his fists and one of his greatest pleasures was making home-brewed beer with his best mate, Lou.

Home  / Up / Dougal Kirk-1-2-3