From the Streets of Seattle

"I look down at the people and I think about how everyone's got problems. Maybe not a govenment agency on their ass, but you know, problems. And if I sit up here long enough I start to feel like I'm just one of those people, just a regular girl." ---Max from '...And Jesus Brought a Casserole'
Max is a genetically engineered killing machine trying to make her way in a world falling to peices. On the run from her creators she has managed to create a semi-normal life in Seattle. She works as a bike messenger for Jam Pony Messenger service during the day. By night she is free to be herself, fighting with Logan Cale (Eyes Only) against the corrupt government, in exchange for what ever information he can find about her past.

Jam Pony: Ride With Pride
Season One Jam Pony

"Jam Pony was founded way back in 1999 by an aspiring hip hop M.C. named Bootney Lee Farnsworth as a way to make ends meet." ---Sketchy from 'Cold Comfort'

Eyes Only Informant Net
General Information from the Eyes Only Informant Net

Another Man on a Mission
Crusades and Crusaders Of Season One

Heroes, Martyrs, Villians, and Monsters all trying to make a difference either for good or ill.
"Why is it guys are all so task-oriented? I mean, it's work, work, work, work, work." ---Max from 'Out'