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Oh, and in case you didn't recognize it this is from 'Hello, Goodbye' 17th episode of Season two Dark Angel. Dark Angel belongs to James Cameron. I'm just an obsessed fan, that's still reeling over the impact of this scene.

Max walks into Logan's darkened apartment and up to the white board with Logan's diagrams on it. She hangs Joshua's pendant with the Familiar symbol on the board and draws an arrow between Sandeman/'Father' to breeding cult. As she circles the symbol the lights come on. She turns around startled.

Logan (sitting at a table drinking): Hi, there! (He puts down the remote he used to turn on the lights.)

Max: The lights were out, I didn't know you were home.

Logan: Cause if you did, you wouldn't have come, huh?

Max: I found this around Joshua's neck. (She gestures to the pendant.) He says Father gave it to him. It's the same symbol the breeding cult uses.

Logan pours himself another drink.

Logan: So Sandeman is one of White's cult loonies, huh? Woo hoo!

Max: Logan, there's a connection between the breeding cult and Manticore.

Logan (getting up): Maybe I oughtta do an Eyes-Only hack, huh? I mean it's a big news day. In case you hadn't noticed. (He walks up to Max.) Yeah, I tried paging you, I wanted to talk to you but I guess you were busy.

Max: I'm going, I just thought you wanted to know. (Max heads for the door.)

Logan blocks the exit. Max moves to go around him, and Logan steps in front of her again.

Max (stepping back): Cut it out.

Logan: I could keep you here all night.

Max: Come on, Logan.

Logan: At least until I dropped dead.

Max: I've said everything I needed to say.

Logan: I don't think so. (Takes a drink.) I think there's something else.

Max (whispers): Logan

Logan: Or is it someone else.

Max: What?

Logan: I needed to talk to you, so I came by your apartment. (Starts chuckling.) And I saw him leaving, (looks over at Max) I mean if I got it wrong, just say so.

Max looks at him.

Logan: Tell me it's not true.

Max stares at Logan, shocked and knowing that this is the only way to drive Logan away for good.

Max (whispers): I can't. It's over. We're done. (More harshly) Get used to it.

Logan makes no move to stop her as she steps around him.

Thanks fergus80 for the screencaps.

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