Lydecker is tied and blindfolded to a chair in an abandoned warehouse. He is unconsious. His black SUV is in the background. In the foreground Max and Zack are arguing.

Zack: Max, that wasn't the plan.

Zack points angrily at Lydecker.

Zack: That wasn't the plan!

Max: I saw an opportunity, I took it.

Max hands Zack a hand gun. Zack reluctantly takes the gun and they walk over to Lydecker. Max throws some water at Lydecker, and he wakes with a start.

Max (Yells): A group of men in black SUV, kidnapped a girl yesterday on Waverly Avenue, your men. We want to know where they took her.

Lydecker: You must have me confused with someone else.

Zack strikes Lydecker.

Zack: Tell us where she is Lydecker, or you're going to have a very long day.

Lydecker: I'm just a business man...

Zack strikes Lydecker again.

Zack: Where is Brin.

Lydecker: Brin?

Lydecker's whole demenor changes. Zack looks away.

Lydecker: You're one of them. One of mine. X5. No one body else would know the names you kids called eachother.

Max (Yells): Where is she?

Lydecker: I don't have her.

Zack angrily strikes Lydecker a third time.

Lydecker chuckles.

Lydecker: You still so angry. You haven't changed much, have you Zack.

Max: We'll play pin the name on the barcode later. Answer the question.

Lydecker: And who might you be? Jondy maybe? Tinga? Max? Listen up. I don't want to see Brin fall into enemy hands any more than you do...

Zack strikes Lydecker again.

Zack: You are the enemy.

Lydecker: I told you Zack, I don't have her.

Zack: Stop lying.

Lydecker: You put your prisoner in a threatening environment, and then you use threats and verbal abuse to weaken him psycologically.

Max: Shut up!

Lydecker: And eventually you'll employ non-verbal techniques including torture.

Max: I said shut up!

Lydecker: But why don't we cut to the chase and...

Lydecker snaps one of his own fingers.

Lydecker: One down, nine to go... What do I have to do, to have you accept that I'm telling you the truth. I don't have her.

Max: Then who does.

Lydecker: Any number of forien governments would love to get their hands on Manticore technology.

Max: You're saying someone kidnapped her so they can sell her to the highest bidder?

Lydecker: Is that so surprising? Each one of you is worth millions.

Zack: Why should we believe you.

Lydecker: A weapon system like Brin doesn't come up for sale everyday. Let me contact my people we can find out whose brokering the deal. Think about it.

Max and Zack move away from Lydecker.

Max: What do you think?

Zack: We should kill him right now and take the win.

Max: I think he's telling the truth, he doesn't have her.

Zack: Max, you're not seriously buying into that crap!

Max: It's plausible. You should check it out. Logan has contacts with the military. Maybe he can shake something loose.

Zack: Go, I'll stay here and work on Lydecker.

Max: I think something tragic might happen while I'm gone. You should take point with Logan.

Zack walks off.

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