In Febuary of 2009 there was a rebellion in the ranks of the X5s. At least seven were captured (three wounded and two killed), but twelve managed to make it past the perimeter fence to the world beyond...
They were lucky, a few months later terrorits let off an electromagnetic pulse, that destroyed the nations cyber-infostructure. It was easy for them to dissapear...
Ten years later they are still looking over their sholders, trying to fit in with the crowd in the broken world. They haven't all succeeded: some have been recaptured, some have been reprogrammed, and some have given their lives fighting to remain free.

aka Zack
Recaptured: Condition Classified
aka Brin
Recaptured: Active Duty
aka Syl
Whereabouts unknown
aka Tinga
Recaptured: Deceased
aka Ben
Recaptured: Deceased
aka Krit
Whereabouts unknown
aka Jondy
Whereabouts unknown
aka Zane
Whereabouts unknown
aka Max
Recaptured: Condition Classified
?Whereabouts unknown
?Whereabouts unknown
?Whereabouts unknown

Attempts to capture the rouge X5s have been mostly unsucessful. X5-599 is believed to be their leader. He was captured in Seattle in December of 2019 but escaped only a few months later. X5-730 was recaptured when she developed a genetic mutation and surrendered for treatment. She has now been reprogramed and was an active participant in the recovery of X5-656. Unfortuanatly X5-656 did not survive the medical treatment for a genetic anomaly she was diagnoised with upon her return.


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