Thank you for downloading my Buffy music video "Girls." This FAQ is here to answer most questions you may have about this most unique video, and to assist in your understanding and enjoyment while watching.

Q: Why did you use the audio from the clips?
A: Do you really want to listen to Cindy Lauper for 4 minutes? This song can be very annoying to say the least, especially the repetitive second half. Giving the audience a break from the song was one reason for the audio.

Q: Are there other reasons you used the audio?
A: Yes. The clips show the progression of Buffy into a girl who can have fun. This was not possible without the audio. Before the video even starts, Willow tells Buffy she really needs to have some fun. Later on Faith tries to get Buffy to admit she has fun as the Slayer. At the end of the fight for the amulet, Faith asks the same question, and this time we see Buffy starting to admit she has fun. By the end of the video, Buffy finally understands about having fun. When she says "I'm getting it", she is referring to Want-Take-Have, and to letting loose and having fun.

Q: So you mean there are two themes in this video?
A: Yes. There is the transformation of Buffy, as she learns from Faith and becomes like her. Then there are the other girls who already know how to have fun. They are demonstrating that, showing Buffy how it's done.

Q: Why are Giles and Xander in this video?
A: They fit the lyrics of the song, which can be hard to understand at times. Giles plays the role of "daddy." The lyrics when he is on are as follows:
My father yells, "What you gonna do with your life?" Oh, Daddy dear, you know you're still number one..."
For Xander, the lyrics are:
Some boys take a beautiful girl and hide her away from the rest of the world

Q: Why is Dru in the video?
A: All girls like to have fun. Human girls, Vampires, Demons, it makes no difference.

Q: Explain the ending for me.
A: The ending refers back to the apartment scene with Faith, especially as she jumps all over the Mayor to show her happiness. Compare Faith's movements to Buffy's as she jumps into Angel's arms at the end. They are very similar. Buffy is showing us that she is now like Faith, or as she said a few seconds earlier, "I'm getting it." There is no repetition of the dancing in this video, every dancing frame is unique.

Q: No, I mean why is Spike there?
A: What he says fits the video, and he is good for one last laugh before the video is over.