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CZW TLV: Tables Ladders and Chairs
CZW Who's the Boss?
CZW What about Lobo?
CZW H8 Club Dead?
CZW Break Away Brawl
CZW Beyond Extreme
CZW Xpelled
CZW Climbing the Ladder
CZW Break on Thru
CZW Destruction in Dover
CZW Break Away Brawl
CZW A New Begining
CZW War at Station 44'
CZW Enter the Zone
CZW Payback
CZW The Boss is Back
CZW Un F'n Beleivable (VERY HARDCORE!)
CZW Stretched in Smyrna
CZW Crushing the Competition
CZW Delaware Invasion
CZW Rules were made to be broken
CZW No Rules, No Limits
CZW They Said it Couldn't be Done
CZW A night of Main Events
CZW Winner takes all
CZW March Violence
CZW A Living Hell
CZW Blood Sweat and Violence
CZW Caged to the End
CZW Cage of Death II
CZW May Madness
CZW Bloodbath 2000(VERY GRAPHICAL!)
CZW Street Fight 99'
CZW March Violence


XPW TV Episodes 1-36
XPW Hardcore Conception
XPW Go Funk Yourself
XPW Baptized in Blood
XPW Baptized in Blood 2

Other Indys

IWA Mid South King of Deathmatch
IWA Mid South King of Deathmatch 2001
JAPW 5/19/01 Philly: Blade vs Crowbar
MAW Hardcore Cup 2001
WWA Bloody Matches
Best of MAW vol. 1
Wrestlefest '92