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Video Clips

Wifebeater recieves a Pain Thriller off the Cage of Death through a table!

Nick Gage powerbombs Nick Berk off a concession stand 12 ft down through a table! But then right after, the Wifebeater appears and gives Nick Gage a Chokenbomb off that same concession stand through a different table!

Wifebeater takes a brain buster through a window!

Wifebeater press slams Lobo off a balcony through a light-tube table!

Wifebeater weedwhacks Zandig, and then takes the weedwhacker from Lobo!

Wifebeater gets thrown over the top rope by Zandig through a plate of glass!

Wifebeater, who is COVERED in blood, tapes up Nick Mondo!

Wifebeater uses the weedwhacker on a helpless Zandig!

*New* Wifebeater's Theme Song: Talk Like Sex.