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Cliff Crook is NO HOAX!!!


Since 1956, after a sighting with three other boys, Cliff has dedicated his life in pursuit of the legendary Bigfoot. He was America's first Bigfoot Tracker and has continued to be active in the field ever since. He has been instramental in uncovering many hoaxes throughout the years. He has investigated hundreds of sightings and claims of Bigfoot. Only a few of these have been deemed credible.

In 1995, a forest ranger met with Cliff. He had a series of 14 photos. They were clear and had the face of the creature Cliff had seen 39 years earlier. Investigaions of the area were done and with this background, a photo panel was put together. The panel and others since (including Japanese experts) found no tampering of the photos. They were original and showed a Bigfoot creature. The forest ranger declined any publicity and 7 of the photos were copyrighted by Cliff. They continue to intrigue Cliff and many others. But, until a creature matching is in the flesh, they, like all other evidence collected, remains, "POSSIBLE".

Anonomous pictures are sent to Bigfoot Central all the time. They are either filed in the round file, or under "possible".

Claims of Cliff being a hoax artist are unfounded and are being made by jealous so-called investigators because of Cliff's expert knowledge and his decline to become any part of their so-called "Investigators".

It's too bad they can't just stick to the facts, investigate their reports, and let others do their job. Life is too short to be involved in childish name calling and trying to hurt someone's honest reputation.

What goes around, comes around. Many organizations and investigators have come and gone. Cliff has been here since the beginning, and isn't going away. Bigfoot Central and Cliff Crook are alive and well in Bothell, Washington.

Bfro, you are the weakest link------goodbye!

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