If you are a Washington or Oregon voter and if you agree with any of our views, you are invited to join us! We have two documents you can download and send to us at our P.O. address. In order to join us, you must read and sign both documents. Once we have received your documents ,you will be sent a letter confirming your registration,some flyers,and information with views about how to advance our cause and later in the year, we will also be issuing party member cards as well as a quarterly newsletter with news about the CNP. Any contributions are welcome but may can be no larger than $20.00. Cash only! We WILL NOT accept any contributions above $20.00.

Membership Document 1

Membership Document 2

Once you have completed the paperwork, you may send it to our mailing address.

Cascadian National Party (CNP)

P.O. Box 3272

International Station

Seattle, WA 98114-3272



John Phillip


Nic Boehm


Brandon Rhodes

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