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The Lordaeron Brotherhood

About... | Founded 2003, The Brotherhood is a Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne based clan with official status on Battle.Net. Their current leader, or "chieftain", is I)em0n_m0nkey.  The Brotherhood is a gathering of [mostly] human players always looking for challenges.

Recruitment... | The Brotherhood always looks to expand its horizons in every possible direction. If you are interesting in joining our clan, please message the chieftain using "/w I)em0n_m0nkey" or myself, using "/w Footman" on Battle.Net. Depending on your skill and qualifications, you may be accepted into The Brotherhood.

Recruitment Policy... |Four requirements apply to aspiring Brotherhood members and are to be considered thoroughly before messaging the chieftain. The first rule is absolute loyalty to the clan and, most importantly, the chieftains and shamans of ranking. The second is acceptable literacy in English (and for God's sake, please don't butcher it). The third is owning Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne; Warcraft III original players need not apply. The fourth is the abiding of a code that forms as the basis of order, justice and reason in the Brotherhood, The LB Honor Code (see below).

Members... | There are currently 10 members in the Lordaeron Brotherhood. A member list is irrelevant, and violates the confidentiality of our most trusted and valued knights, so will not be included on this page.

Location... | You may find the Lordaeron Brotherhood at their respective channel, "Clan LB", in Azeroth (rather ironically, if I do say so myself).

LB Honor Code... | A code implemented by Footman as a general code of rules for all knights. Failure to abide by it may result in removal from the Brotherhood. Click here. (C o m i n g  S o o n)

Forums... | Perhaps a future endeavor for the site? Who knows?

A Maxim... | "Cowards die many times before their deaths;
The valiant never taste of death but once."
-William Shakespeare, Julius Caesar (Act II, Scene II, Line 32)

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