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You want to learn to bmx or even just get better? Here is the place to do it.

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Now you can read up on the history of our beautifal sport.

The best sites on the web about our one and only BMX.

- NEWS -

8/11/03 - X-games start this saturday! On ABC, ESPN, and ESPN 2. i am working on getting a local page up for the Seattle riders here!
5/2/03 - Wow! it has been a long time! But yes, I'm back. Right now i am surfing the net for some more tight pictures. I am also starting a user submitted area in our site for you guys. So send me some pics and or videos and they will be up soon.
Email me 8/11/02 - Everybody! The X-games Bike Stunt Finals are tommorow!. Watch it on ESPN 2 at 9 - 10 am. To find out more go to:
8/9/02 - Okay I was just reviewing the how-to's and found out that half the links were dead. So I fixed em. I also added toothpicks to the list. Keep checking back and doing whatever.
7/25/02 - Ummm... Hey I haven't updated in awhile been busy. Email me your link and we can exchange, or send a picture of you bmxing. I am trying to get some fans doin their thing, so it would be great if you have a few photos or even a movie!
4/26/02 - Our first link is up! Yay! please check it out and send me your site to exchange links!
4/23/02 - Five more pix up. Still looking for links, check the links section if your interested. Later.
4/22/02 - OK. If this is the first time you have visited this site, check out all the how-tos I worked on SO hard, and all my pics. I really worked hard on those two things. Also check yesterday's news entry below.
4/21/02 - I am looking to make a links page. If you have a page and would like to exchange links, email me. I also finished the how-tos for now. Later.
3/27/02 - I touched up the How-to's! There still aren't that many but I'm workin on it. Keep coming back.
3/18/02 - FINALLY the remodeling is complete. I hope you love the new set up. Everything is easier to use and just to look at. I have cleared the news meaning that this is like a new site which it pretty much is.